Why Betty White is the ultimate anti-aging hero

Update: Nevermind, she died on December 31, 2021.

White hair and sensible shoes -- the antithesis of youth, right? Well, think again. At 88 years young, Betty White is living proof that the secret to turning back the clock doesn't come in a potion or lotion (or by wearing miniskirts).

The comedienne's comeback over the last year has included a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, a starring role in a new sitcom and a revered status among a whole new generation of fans -- most of whom were born after The Golden Girls' original broadcast run. She may not be appearing in any eye cream commercials, but this funny lady makes 80 look like the new 30 and knows how to remain truly ageless...

#1. A wicked sense of humor

Laugh lines, be damned! With her killer quips and quick wit, Betty is still as funny as ever. And, for the sake of a giggle, she's not afraid to get a little dirty -- literally. In Snickers' Super Bowl ad, she showed off her trash-talking skills on a muddy gridiron, and gained the respect and instant adoration of men everywhere.

It was the most-liked commercial during this year's game, beating out Motorola's ad, which featured Megan Fox in a bubble bath! Score one for the 80-somethings.

Be Like Betty: It may sound corny, but laughter really is the best (anti-aging) medicine. Need a good chuckle? Just watch the actress in action.

#2. Betty vs. Botox

The octogenarian recently said that she's glad she never fell victim to Hollywood's obsession with plastic surgery and wishes some of her Tinseltown pals hadn't gone under the knife. "My problem is that I might go to an event or something and people I have known for years will come up to say hi and I don’t recognize them," Betty explained to ShowbizSpy. Take note, Joan Rivers.

Be Like Betty: Oh, that cotton-candy 'do! While you may not want to emulate the ubiquitous Grandma 'fro, you can go gray without being drab. From natural silver foxette Jamie Lee Curtis to young trendsetter Kelly Osbourne, it's the white-hot hair color of the moment.

#3. Retirement, smetirement

Forget Britney or Lindsay, Betty has had the comeback of the century (not that she ever really went anywhere). From a SNL job (which scored her an Emmy win!) to her latest TV role as outspoken Elka Ostrovsky on TVLand's Hot in Cleveland, she's proven that age is just a number, and retirement is for sissies. (She told Jay Leno back in March: "That's a word I'm not familiar with.") While accepting her Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award trophy in January, she teased: "You still can't get rid of me. I was only 88 last Sunday, I got lots more stuff to do."

Be Like Betty: You don't have to host a comedy show to stay on top of your game. If you're looking to build your career, join an online network, like LinkedIn, enroll in a class at your local community college or take up a new hobby, which may lead to an exciting endeavor.

#4. Your kids think she's cool

"You might be a quarter of my age, but I will take you down," Betty says, threatening the much younger Kristen Bell. Although the quote is from a fake interview filmed for FunnyorDie.com, don't underestimate this scrappy lady. Betty has done the near impossible, especially for aging women in Hollywood -- she's stayed relevant.

After a fortuitous Facebook campaign that landed her the late-night spot, during which Jay-Z dedicated his performance of "Young Forever" to "the most incredible Betty White," her popularity soared to new heights. She shook a tail feather with Sandra Bullock at the Teen Choice Awards, hopped in the shower with Hugh Jackman and ignited another petition on the social networking site -- Betty White to Host the Oscars.

Be Like Betty: A study revealed that friendships may "boost your longevity, making as much of a difference as not smoking." So log on to Facebook, chat with your message board pals or meet up with your BFF for some coffee -- all in the name of science.

#5. She's got a pet project

Add pin-up girl to Betty's resume! The long-time animal rights advocate posed (with shirtless hotties, no less) for a 2011 calendar to benefit the Morris Animal Foundation. Over the years, she has been honored by numerous organizations for her support, and was even named the "Ambassador to the Animals of the City of Los Angeles." Plus, in 2012 the Golden Girl will release The Zoo and I: Betty and Her Friends, a book of stories and photographs capturing life at the Los Angeles Zoo, a partnership she has described as "one of her two loves in life alongside show business."

Be Like Betty: Get a pet -- animal owners have been found to live longer, healthier lives. Or, if a furry friend isn't in your future, volunteer at a non-profit and become involved in a cause near and dear to your heart.

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