What 10 aliens from any?

What 10 aliens from any /toon/ media would you pick for your Omnitrix?

  1. 3 months ago

    >Elite from Halo
    >The Thing
    >A shadow alien from Prey
    >A necromorph I guess

    • 3 months ago

      >The Thing
      How would that work?

      • 3 months ago

        Probably like Upgrade but with living things instead of machines.

    • 3 months ago

      What part of
      >/toon/ media
      did you not understand?

  2. 3 months ago

    Would you call Ben a mutt to his face since he’s American?

  3. 3 months ago

    >Ben 10
    If he were an anime, he’d be called One Piss

  4. 3 months ago

    10 omnipotent aliens because why the fuck would you pic anything else?

    • 3 months ago
      • 3 months ago

        Yeah. I am just not in the mood to look up what would make a interesting playlist right now.

        • 3 months ago

          Martian (DC)
          Martian (looney toons)
          Martian (Invencible universe)
          Martian (Biker Mice from Mars)
          Martian (Rock Golems from Jimmy Neutron)
          Martian (Adventure time)
          Martian (Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars )
          Martian (Barsoom) which could generously be consider /toon/ being pulp fiction, and therefore pre-comics

          Martian (Sorns from C.S Lewis Space Trilogy) vicariously trough the league of extraordinary gentleman

          How about you don't post then?
          Stop fagging up every thread you step on

          • 3 months ago

            You forgot Martian (Butt Ugly Martians)

  5. 3 months ago


  6. 3 months ago

    >5th Dimensional Imp
    >Azarathian Demon
    >Meta-enhanced Human

  7. 3 months ago

    Kryptonian obviously
    Irken although it may not work since irkens are technically two alien races not one just because they are bred to be geniuses and conquerors
    The great gazoo from the Flintstones I don't think his race is disclosed in the show because he does magic
    Widget because he can turn into animals expanding how many things I can turn into by thousands
    The beast with a billion backs from Futurama since he is massive has a billion tentacles which can travel through space and is probably immortal
    Encyclopod Futurama also because he can recreate any species from the world even those extinct
    Mars grim reaper from bully and Mandy since he can turn anyone into a zombie and controls zombies
    Czarnian because he is close to superman level threath but has an entirely different set of weaknesses
    The dimensional shifters from Rick and Morty who can travel through time without creativeng paradoxes
    Human because I don't want to moneky paw myself out of being human again

  8. 3 months ago

    Symbiotes from Marvel, so he can attach himself to Gwen.

  9. 3 months ago

    something human but with a few extra abilities
    >Sandworm (Dune)
    so I can do some action on a massive scale
    I just like series
    >Yoda Spieces
    something small and hopefully force empowered
    >Changeling (Star Trek)
    not sure how a liquid being would work with an omnitrix
    >Silence (Doctor Who)
    good for stealth
    >Spieces 8472 (Star Trek)
    I feel like I should have a creature in here somewhere
    >Talosian (Star Trek)
    the big headed guys from the pilot, capable of creating illusions light years away
    somethign lovecraftian
    >Vorlon (Babylon 5)
    very advanced and pretty much angels.

    • 3 months ago

      shit I missed the /co media part.
      otherwise I would just picked capeshite overpowered aliens.
      fucks sake.

      • 3 months ago

        Pretty sure all of those series have comic adaptations, so your good.

  10. 3 months ago


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