Would the final act of MoS been better received if it >depicted Superman going out of his way trying (and failing at times) to minimize the collate...

Would the final act of MoS been better received if it >depicted Superman going out of his way trying (and failing at times) to minimize the collateral damage and saving civilians
>take place entirely in Smallville or some other area that isn't Metropolis
>just not happen at all

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    It's been ten years, and they're going to reboot it away in less than two. Let it go man. Just let it fucking go.

  3. 3 months ago

    no. this superman was extremely unlikeable from the start. whateer he does at the end doesn't change the last 50 minutes of the movie.

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    >just not happen at all
    Watching the film, you realise the whole final fight literally serves no purpose for the plot, Superman or Zod. It exists solely to provide a dumb final act battle immediately after the first big dumb final act battle. If Zod had just been sucked into the Phantom Zone along with all the other Kryptonians, nothing would've changed beyond the movie ending ten minutes earlier.

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      That's dumb. Yaknow, the WHOLE situation could have been avoided if they just didn't send Superman to Earth! The whole movie serves no purpose other than to show this asshole on Earth becoming Superman, which totally didn't need to happen!


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    I would just not make have Snyder make this movie because he can only write Superman as a weird boring asshole with no agency or lines of dialogue

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    All he had to do was not snap the bros neck and the final act is somewhat better.

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    With a little fix. After the Lex tanks explode, Make it a little more overt that Superman is trying to knock Zod out of the city and switch Superman grinding Zod's face with a building to Zod doing it to Supes. Makes Zod cause most of the damage.
    Neck snap is a different beast.

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    He saved the entire planet

    • 3 months ago

      >We did it Pat! We saved the city!

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    in retrospect, they should have made it 2 movies.

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    Zod was in the right. If you have to sacrifice another peoples to save your own, you should do it.

    • 3 months ago

      He could've just settled on Jupiter, you know.

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    The first option is how you add tension to Superman scenes which Snyder never actually ended up realizing across all three of his DCEU movies
    Then again you could fumble the ball and make saving civilians an excuse to lighten the mood instead of build tension like the MCU does, so it's not an instant band-aid
    In short: the final act of MoS would have been better received if a competent director/writer was actually making the movie

    • 3 months ago

      The ending was perfectly in-line with the tone and and the mood of the story. Fuck them humans, they're inconsequential to Gods.

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    There are too many dropped balls.
    One of them being that hot piece of ass they picked for lois lane.
    I know she's drained the balls or ate the pussy good of SOMEBODY behind the scenes.
    But goddamn she is not Lois.

    Three changes.
    1.Remove that entire fucking bus scene and tornado scene including the ship.
    Another scene where clark gets into an accident saving other kids or people that displays his power.
    John tells him about his heritage. Pa kent dies from heart attack with superman feeling helpless.

    2.The world traveling is good, however they need to lean into him doing good and being a wandering over seas reporter.
    Show lois being interested in the stories of a mysterious super human saving people. A super man.

    3.The terraforming shit is dumb. Krypton was cool and the three kryptonians were great. It's just they made no sense. They want to take over Earth and recreate Krypton on it and need to harvest the unique codex from superman's dna to do it.
    They aren't for terraforming. They are the tools they are going to use to destroy the earth/mine the earth for energy so it can start repairing their ship and prepare it to birth thousands of new kryptonians.

    The battle above metropolis isn't one that can be avoided because the ship/weapon is above his....kingdom/Home and he's holding his subjects/slaves hostage.

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      Should have set up Clark as a freelance reporter at the daily planet that the regular staff has never met
      So it makes sense when he shows up at the end gets a job
      Perry tells Lois that her report is bumped off the front page and she gets mad but he said Clark got an interview with Superman and Perry decides to hire him full time
      Then Clark lowers his glasses and winks at Lois or some shit

  14. 3 months ago

    The big laser battle thing ate up too much screen time and it makes the zod fight at the end seem anti climatic.

    I’d cut that out
    Just have a big fight with zod .
    Superman is going lose and gets punched into the earth and blacks out.
    Has some pep talk from ghost Pa Kent
    Flies up and punches zod to the moon.
    The fight takes place across the solar or something huge that we have never seen on the big screen before

    I’d end it with Superman tricking zod into phantom zone instead of killing him. Superman tricking bad guys is more his style than killing them

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